Sunday, September 26, 2004


just watched resident evil 2 and i thought it was a pretty entertaining story.. basically the story is about alice (if you all dunno who's alice then not my prob, go catch the first movie) and she wakes up to find the whole city infected with the virus. as we all know, once the virus spreads, more zombies= more action.. although the fight scenes were overdone with coolness but the action still rocks.. some shock scenes here and there that will make girls (and guys) jump from their sits.. some attempts at comedy with some black dude cracking jokes..
overall its pretty good and it walks hand in hand with the video game story line.. to robbin, the show does not suck.. oh, and if you wanna see milla naked, the movie showed it, tht's why its nc 16..
haha, i sneaked my bro in.. but he'll be 16 in a few days.. got stopped by the ticket collector.. wht a strict guy..throughout the movie, the usherers were walking up and down checking.. strange.. but who cares, my bro got to watch it.. yeahh...

here's a qoute: "never do unto others if you don't want others to do unto you" er... or was it the other way.. dunno lah, i just wanna sound chim.. haha..

peace out :)


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