Wednesday, March 14, 2007


"give them nothing, but take from them, EVERYTHING!!!"
fucking AYE.....
man, 300 is the best movie i've watched this year.. (so far)..
not to mention, there's some pretty heavy contenders coming up..
Spiderman 3, transformers, TMNT and even AVP 2: Survival of the Fittest is scheduled for release in the states on 10th Dec. And just in case you're all wondering: is this AVP gonna be another PG13 movie... HELL NO.. its gonna be R all the way.. YEAH!!!!!!
Blood and GOre and a hell lot of violence, thats what AVP is all about..
Resident evil: Extinction is coming out too, hills have eyes 2 and hostel 2.. seems that this year is the year for sequels. but hey, i ain't complaining.. Shit's cool man..
anyways, MR500's this weekend followed by master series next weekend, back to back rowing competitions... Damn, i'm feeling all tingly inside.. excited cos i'm aiming to smoke all those other suckers including the national team. Ha.. Watch it!!!!
well, see ya all on the flip side.. will try to watch more movies so i stuff to write abt.. hahaha..

Peace dawgs......

Monday, February 26, 2007


its another day in the office with nuthing much to do. haha.. and to make matters worse, yours truely is broke!! Damn!!
anyways, i watched the last episode of the OC and i just can't help feeling sad that its over..
During army, i would look forward to watching The OC.
i guess its time to move on..
i don't get it, are the ratings for the show really that bad?? So bad that they had to cancel it? Argh!!! Bullocks...
well, nothing much to update but i guess i could use this post to dedicate to a fren who's overseas and freezing her butt off..
haha.. YO XUAN!!!! if u read this, hope your doing alright there and gettin some hot ANG MO action!! hahaha...
on the other hand, i've got a couple of races lined up... mostly Dragon boat.. but someone's gonna make a comeback. So watch out! there's a hurricane coming through!!! Whoooo...
can't wait for next week cos the movie 300 is gonna be released and i intend to watch it on opening day with my gd fren Sotong... haha.. something to look forward to..
" Spartans! Tonight, we dine in HELL!!!!" how awesome is that.... WHOA!!!!!!!!!
The departed won Best Picture at the Oscars?? hmm, the angmo infernal affairs is that good meh?? gotta go catch it on dvd.....
and if you guys have time, go check out Reese Witherspoon at oscars.. she looked absolutely stunning....... DAMN.........

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Man... i'm writing a post in the office cos i'm sooo lethargic rite now..
lets see.. to my left is the door leading to the stairs which by the way is super creepy...
to my right is the entrance to the main office area where the perm staff work..
behind me is my colleague who injured her knee, girl, u gotta take care of yourself!!
and to my front is the wall..
yes ladies and gents, i'm sitting facing the wall.. feels like i'm being punished in sec sch.. hey!
but i'm getting punished while being paid..haha, why can't schs do the same??
well, my day on the job is relatively mandane..
come into the office, sit on my ass and key in measurements into the system...
life's a breeze... hai....
maybe its the weather but i've been feeling rather down lately..
think i need more sun!!! while superman draws his powers from the sun, the sun makes make feel happier.. haha..
come out sunshine!! its time to BBQ my ass.. haha...
its Thursday.. weekend's round the corner, time for me to kick back and wake up later for a change.. this somewhat feels strangely like school days..
but i'm not complaining.. cos i get paid!! hahahahahahaha :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007


kinda feeling half sad and angry..
how did that happen?? Explanation anyone?
ah well....
no matter how much i try to distant myself, i just care too much..
have you ever cared for someone that no matter what happens. you just wan them to be happy and you would give anything to give them just that..
well, advice to those out there who are having problems..
life hits you hard..
sometimes, life hits you till you can't breathe and you wanna take the easy way out..
well, it doesn't matter how hard it hits us, its how much we can take and keep moving forward.

i dunno abt u guys but moving forward is harder for me than just taking hit after hit.
BE Strong and never quit!
no matter what your life is throwing at you, just take it and keep moving cos we're all
stronger than what we think we are..

Inspiration speeches are sometimes necessary cos afterall, we need encouragements every now and than.......

Take care 1 and all :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A fairytale............

Once upon a time, there was a guy who met a girl outside a club and was immediately smittened by here............

hello one and all... i'm the guy in the story so here goes.....
blah blah blah blah......
you know what, i was gonna take this opportunity to pour my heart and say how heartbroken i am..
Fuck that....
i ain't that weak.. alright, i try to be mr nice.. be sensitive to your feelings and i even compromise.. i could walk away and leave you feeling like shit but guess what, i decided to hang around.. So, as the last nice thing i do for YOU!!!! i hung around till you were ready to let go..
and i guess you did.. There ya go.. Happy now?? happy that you literally destroyed, temporary that is, my Happy Feeling.. but its all worth it cos now you can have everything you want!
you got friends who care, a Boyfriend who pampers you (most of the time) and a social life in Uni which is soooo impt to you.. but i guess i'm just 2 nice... i couldn't bare to see you hurt so i decided to put myself out there for you...
there ya go.. i hope you found what you're looking for..
making me the scapegoat and throwing me aside. i guess i should have known better but i let my heart do the walking for me.. i wish that it isn't u who wants this but you wrote it to me, so i can only take it that you meant it. Say what you mean and mean what you say...
you know what pisses me off the most, that i convinced myself that this is gonna be different and that you weren't like most girls.. hmmm.... WRONG!!!
3 strikes, my fren told me, 3 strikes and thats it.. but i gave in to you time and time again but it was me who was struck out..

but all that was just my anger...
i hope that you learn from this and.......... HOLD the fuck on....
i don't care what you learn from this.. hmm, maybe how to break a guy's heart..
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... this is me babe... this is all ME.... maybe it was better that you didn't get with me or else i would have thrown you out of my house and... OH wait, you already experienced that rite...
nice and sensitve, fuck that, maybe cold and cowardly....
i'm not the least bit hurt... i'm not the least bit affected by this cos you are not worth my time and attention... i have had it with people pushing me around like i'm some nice guy..
fuck that!!!!! i'm gonna just walk away so you can taste the sand that i kicked in your face...

well, i don't think that you will read my blog anymore since you "lost" my number, probably deleted my msn.. and never wanna talk to me ever again...
hmm, strange cos i don't remember doing anything wrong..

SO... ladies and Gents, and my fellow good frens who read this post.. i hope you find it entertaining and amusing.

Peace Biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: all materials were in one way or another are based on actual events.. Enjoy :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Whoohoooooo ladies and gent.. this bad boy had the best week in a long time..
Mon: i worked hard and i got rewarded followed by Mr john Legend.. he was awesome, talented and charismatic... he's got 5 stars man!!! hahaha...
Tues: Muse!!!!!!!!! i love Muse.. thanks to ms ling yu and her very very nice bf Mr Sam for providing the tics. i owe u guys big.. Starlight!!! my fav song was played at the ending, i was literally screaming along.. hahaha.. i hope they come back again..
Wed: Met my good frens from sec sch.. man, i miss them.. seems like everything in our lives has turned out for the best.. even for mine.. hahaha..
Thursday: had a lovely dinner with my mum :) can't bear to see my mum alone at home for long.. and whoever has a prob with that.. Erm... ok lo... hahaha..
Friday: met my canoeing team for the first time in ages.. found out that my ex is attached to another teammate.. pretty upsetting but i guess i can only be happy for her cos i know that guy. and he's a good guy.. not like some fuckhead who drives a crappy red mazda 3.. feel like scratching every red mazda 3 i see on the road.. better not let me see or else......... I'll....... Grumble and walk away.. hahaha...
Saturday: Rowed 22k with andrew... super tiring.. and i got to see someone.. hmm.. haha.. dunno le.. feel like a sec sch kid.. hahaha...
Sunday: erm... has yet to be decided.. haha...

well, thats the timetable for the week.. it was super exciting, i wish every week could be like that.. its been a while since i've felt satisfied and happy without having someone by my side.. and statisticly, only 4 out of the 20 teammates that i have are attached. so there's no shame in it man.. we're gd-looking, we're smart, we're desirable... so its just a waiting game..

peace out and take care frens....
except to those who i can't stand!
and fuck those who dun give a shit about how other people feel. and leave us standing in the dark.. you all will get what u all deserve.. i promise u that..
this is a warning to all assholes and playas... you'd get whats coming to u one way or another.. so pray hard that the shit doesn't hit the fan cos when that happens. noone's gonna stand by your side.. when the dust clears, i hope you will learn...

Have a nice day :)

Monday, January 01, 2007


alright, so 2006 is is out of the window and into the past. along with army and heartaches. haha..
i guess its a good start for those who exited army just before the new year.
so to start off the new year, here are some of the things that made in onto my top 3 lists of 2006.
Movies: 1) Talledega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby (kickass show man!!!)
2)Singapore Dreaming (caught it on the plane, super heart warming)
3) Casino Royale ( James Bond as the bad ASS!!! Fu#King Aye!!!!!!)

Songs 1) Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance ( its not released yet but its part of their album. wicked sick song!!)
2) Fix You by ColdPlay (one of the best songs by coldplay Ever....)
3) These streets by Paolo Nutini( these guys pretty big in europe, think they'll be big here.. watch out for them!!)

Favourite Qoutes: 1) ORD LO!!!!!
2) ORD LO!!!!!
3) ORD LO!!!!! ( haha, its the best day of my 2 sucky years in army!!!)

Places that i went in 2006: 1) Liquid Rm ( love the music, freaking awesome, Dj Koflow rocks!) 2) Zouk ( Mambo, need i say more...)
3) S11 Amk ( Chicken Cutlet absolutely mind blowing!!!)

People who i hung out: 1) my FAv girls Alexis and Zeeq and Mr Vain Jerry Ho... though he's missing sometimes.. haha...
2) Ting Ting ( A.k.a: Sotong!!)
3) I, Myself and Me...

well, hopefully its the start of a better year cos 2006 really sucked, on most days...
i feel good about this year already. 2007 is gonna be off the hook..
Many things happened this year, alot of drama, abit too much for my liking if you ask me.
but i kinda realised who will stand by me whenever i'm feeling in the pits. too many occasions that i have to say: "dude, lets go get something to drink, i need to drink!" haha... fortunately, i ain't a alcoholic..
i've also realised that if we try to hold on to something too hard and too long, we will lose it eventually. rather than try to restrain it, let it breathe and it will be yours if you're meant to have it. Eg: I used to love my old PS console, i got it when i was pri 6. i would play with it 24/7 and not wanting to give it time to rest. keot on messing with it. finally it just broke down. well, not entire the same thing but you catch my drift huh.. haha...

to those who had 2006 fucked them over, Cheers Matess!
Here's to a better year :)