Wednesday, September 29, 2004

xing police story

haha.. bet those reading this from my class, the best 03a01 got back their gp results...
did you guys do good?? i know me and some of the brudders didn't.. sigh... but its ok..
its alright.. if the results piss on us, we'll piss on the results.. life goe son, we'll work harder..

just watched the lastest jackie chan movie. the new police story.. this show grossed more than 1 million by now and is still rising.. the show soo nice meh?? i don't really think so.. although the fight scenes were Bloody cool, but there was too much crying and the music just didn't sound rite.. music by a cheap electronic key board if you ask me..

this goes out to MS Ze Quan.. oei.. be more sentimental can?? people cry, you laugh?? huh?? no logic rite.. haha, but since you laugh, we all laugh with you.. hahaha... shit, a heartwarming moment turned into a joke.. hehe.. what the hell, its entertaining..

anyways, more from your fav reporter next time when i catch another movie.. oh yah, kan chiong mama.. kan chiong mama... WASS SUPPPP... are you ready for a wooooo.. fooooo! hurricane.. be scared, be wary wary scared..

peace out :)


Blogger zq said...

haha, it took me so long to figure out what is 'xing police story'. It's "xin1"! Woah what have you learnt from the purrfect Chinese dubbing of the movie man..hahahahaha! I really tried to be sentimental already lah, but damn hard hahaha, sheesh, everytime i think of his face i crack up. anw, yup i agree with ya, jia you, don't let your grades get you down k, we can all do it! :)

September 29, 2004 at 10:41 PM  

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