Friday, November 12, 2004

Waitin' Basketball

oh man, my previous entry got mix reviews.. haha..
alex, you sure you're not gonna have kids??? we'll see, maybe you'll eventually have 6..
haha.. zq's and ah xian are rite..
i can't generalize and say all those old people sit on their asses.. i would't know
how hard they worked in the past. My bad...
yo philly, got study not.. all the best dude..

was watching basketball, detriot pistons vs denver nuggets.. oh man, one is being lead by Richard Hamilton and the other, hot stuff rookie Carmelo Antony.. oh man, they were awesome.. but the player i most admire is the 5 foot 5 point guard Earl boykins.. this guy is only 1.7 m.. and he's in the NBA.. oh man, he was really quick and even scored the final ball b4 the first quarter ended.. Amazing..

i take my hat off.. he's good.. really good..

i just heard from a fren who is being pursued by this guy called Ban.. i know its really none of my business but in my opinion, she should give this guy a chance.. why wait?? don't hesitate lah, go for it girl.. there are some things in life that we should wait and some that shouldn't. its tough waiting and noone should wait..
example: waiting for food.. you wait cause you expect good food.. the food will come cause you paid for it.. hence, we should wait..
2) waiting for the sky to drop.. Er.... terrible example, shalll we move along..
3) waiting for someone to call you. let's say this really hot guy or girl asked for your number.. so you wait for the call.. will they call??? the thing is, we're not sure.. there is no certainty in this matter. so why wait. if they call, good for them, if not, their lost.. too bad soo sad..

in the a level context, why wait or yearn for the exams to be over. it'll be over soon enough. so study and make use of the time you have now. don't waste it. if you do, when the time comes for you to embrace the sweet taste of freedom, you'll regret it. Will you then enjoy your holidays???

hope this is useful to y'all.

P.S: and to all those who said Shark tale is a dissapointment, well.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. but..............

you can all kiss my BIG White ()()...
in case you all wonderin wht is this ^.. its my butt...
enjoy :)


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