Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tk U

school's finally out and before you continue reading, let me warn you, this is gonna be a long entry...

i guess there's alot for me to say about school, after all i 've been in school a year longer than others.
but i know in my heart that njc is a place i'll never forget, from the days of slaving away in the gym, on the track and in the waters of the kallang basin to the :"wht's white, black and pink joke" which is by the way an ambabrus gebra... i've grown quite attached to this place..

as comfortable as it may sound it isn't easy for me to go back to school, even now.. i feel that i don't belong in this school anymore.. my time was up but yet i came back.. it just didn't go.. fortunately my class 03A01 helped.. even so, i missed my quieter and less happening class.. we had a bond that we shared even though we hardly talked.. strange but true.. i also missed my canoeing team mates who have gone through training, scolding and poor academic results together.. it was fun but scary..

i guess when people ask me whether i look forward to NS, i say yes.. not because i want free food and lodgings and certainly not cause of the harsh training.. No. its simply cause i want to be in a place where i feel i truely belong. i belong in NS. all my friends are in there slaving away and i'm out here.. haha, silly issit it.. some people want to skip NS, and here's an idiot wanting in..

life has been really kind to me.. i've got all a man could ask for yet i gotta screw things up for myself.. i have lots of regret, and no where to place them but inside.. but i'm grateful for everything..

finally, this is kinda cliche.. but special thanks to rob, fab, jer, doug, kha, jun, amir, zy, alex, wing, ailin, sim, muay, xiu, bi, beat, may, yan, zq for their extreme hospitality and their cheerfulness..

not forgetting ms shar for introducing her class to me.. thank u...


P.S: oh shit i forget to eat chikan currat today.. gaybian, you're the best :)


Blogger S-oichiro said...

For u, i have to join blogspot, asshole, haha. Glad u looking forward to NS, so BURN IN HELL, hohoohohoho, see ya soon. study hard boy.

October 15, 2004 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger S-oichiro said...

asshole, for u i have to join blogspot in order to add comment. u better treat me dinner wor. study hard boy, glad to help u like ns, BURN IN HELL!!!

October 15, 2004 at 9:02 AM  

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