Saturday, January 08, 2005

hi to one and all

i guess most of you know i'm going into army today at 3.45pm.
although going into army is no big deal but many things have happened after my a levels.
i realised that i've been an arrogant, self centred and selfish individual.
i have even taken other people who i truely care about for granted. that was unacceptable.
it was one night that a good friend sat down with me and had a heart to heart talk.
i know its too late to change many things in my life, if i could go back and changed the things i've done, i would but the truth is, i can't.
i'm doing all i can to amend my mistakes.

to my class of 2004 A01, thanks for being such a great class to be in, i couldn't have gone through another year of school without you guys. from the wacky and funny fabian, robbin to the cool jerry to doug and mr jun, aka playstation king. alexis, beat, shar, wing, ai lin, zq, maly thanks for everything.. can't explain how much it means to have such friends..

to my 5 great friends, mr ang wei quan, ms eileen tan, ms tan jiing shyuan, ms bee tze and ms christie.
ah quan, thanks for everything man, still remember the haircuts at your place and the constant suaning of how slow your hair grows compared to mine.. haha, we've come really far. still remember the first day we met, you me and hsu chieh climbed over the gate to escape school, those were fun times.
eileen, haha, been your punching bag for as long as i can remember, life in school would be less exciting without you in it..
bee.. i've always found you with such a strong character that it totally empowers me.. i dunno what to do.. haha, but you and i have had our share of biting sessions.. you biter...
chris, it seems we haven't really met up as a group, i know you're busy and all so no worries mate.. haha, you've got one of the nicest hearts i've ever know. i haven't seen you angry before..
lastly, shyuan...
i guess, in a way, we've had more close encounters... i can say that in a way, you know what my strenghths and weaknesses are. i remembered that we had such a heated argument that we didn't talk for a period of time. that has to be one of the moments i truely treasured cos whatever happens, we'll always work things out, finding more about each other. we're buddies rite. and hope we'll be like that till.. ermmm... i dunno lah, just for a really long time..
i know university life is not easy for you all, xuan and bee have soo many activities in their uni..
whatever makes you all happy, i'll support you guys all the way, 110% all the way.

to wendy: we've been through too much together, both happy and painful.. but i hope we'll remain good friends in the many years to come, i know i'm not an easy person to be with, so for that i'm sorry, but whtever happens, i'll always be there to support you. i'll be there rain or shine. i still remember the first movie we watched, treasure planet. u were kinda surprised that i asked you out for a movie. you thought that the little jelly creature was soo cute.
we're pals right, no. 1 frens rite.. this fren gonna be there by your side all the way. thanks for being a caring friend, you were the one who got me through the difficult times, i still remember complaining to you about yong and training.. you were the one who got me through my a levels. i was soo slack that i didn't do much.. but you encouraged me and stuck with me. haha, i manage a B for maths. not bad hoh, but the rest suck lah.. haha.. i couldn't have done it without you.
take care and hope you're happy with your uni life :)

army is not the end of the world but its definitely the beggining of a new phase in my life.
i dunno whether i'll change nor will i know what will happen, but what i know now is that the world is a unpredictable place where we must rise to the occasion or be left behind.
but friends is what makes the world alot pleasant to live in.

take care guys..........
see ya in a few weeks..


Blogger Linz said...

hey boy..take care and train hard in have been a GREAT classmate too..keep in touch! =)

January 10, 2005 at 5:55 PM  
Blogger alexis said...

yeah train hard in army. wanna see your botak head! muahaha. stay healthy and happy!

January 10, 2005 at 9:14 PM  

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