Sunday, July 09, 2006


Finally, i have come back to row again..
feels good to start canoeing again, i somewhat find a sense of security and calmness when i'm in the water and that i can go wherever i want in the water
the sun, sky and the wind in your face just makes it even more refreshing

wat do you do when u like someone, and you're not entirely sure whether she likes u back.
thats what everyone faces time after time haha... i wish i could read people's minds, that way, i wouldn't need to think that hard. hahaha..
stoopid !#$!@#, never even tell us when she's coming back. finally come back and doesn't even say.
well done! anyways, i can't be bothered.
time to get back on with life without army. i gotta get used to the civlian life b4 i head out to the world
i can't even imagine that its been 1 and a half years since i entered army, man, that is wicked!!!
hahaha.. and it still feels that my life has been stuck at the very same spot i left it ayear ago.
i guess its true that your life is kinda at a stand still when you're in army.
it doesn't really apply to everyone but i'm sure it can be related to alot of people.
life outside whizzes by and smiles, waving as they pass by. is that fair? does it make us happy?
i've learnt alot and wasted alot of time in army.
look, i'm not trying to say its a total waste of time but the system is flawed.
perhaps, we're being too hard on the system , the fact that they have to cope with millions of guys, they're doing a pretty alright job. though it can certainly be improved.
haha, anyways, go catch superman returns, niceeee movie, or maybe perhaps, its the company that mattered. happy as ever but still, something is missing. i hope i find it someday, or maybe, it can never be replaced.
i leave the world for another week to protect the nation.
yah right :)


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