Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Strange stuff on the news

just came across some wierd stuff on the news,
ladies use blogs to say that they were molested
along orchard road when they were blinded by foam sprays.
that is simply so twisted.
i was there during x'mas. i could have been one of them.
haha.. seriously, what were those guys thinking.
we begin to wonder where has the pride of the male species gone to?
are we slowly become enslaved by our own emotions rather than morals?
it's cool to be a rebel, to defy laws and behave like we are above it.
do we do it to impress? to gain attention and prove to others that we are different?
do something to impress yourself. do something that you can be proud of.
something that frens and family can be proud of.
perhaps one day, it'll be cool to do what's right and to be true to our heart.

P.S: take care in thailand brudder jun :)


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