Sunday, September 24, 2006


Man, i am so so tired right now.. had like 10 hours of sleep but still felt so tired..
hence, i took a day off work again to stay home and chill..
feel really bad for not meeting up with jerry, alexis and zq last night..
sorry guys...
man, i've become quite an avid drama serial watcher..
been catching up on Prison Break.. super nice man..
i wanna be like Scofeld.. he's super smart..
thts what i call being super detailed in your planning..
anyways, caught The Devil Wears Prada this weekend..
not bad.. quite funny but the lady behind me was laughing like
a freaking monkey..
it was super annoying..
oh.. my homeboy is coming back this fri!!! super excited.. hahaa..
haven't seen him in ages...
anyways, had a clubbing session on wednesday. had fun but i'm quite broke now..
think i'll lay back from any late night activities for now till i ord.. haha.. than its party time again.. haha...

chill guys :)


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