Thursday, September 30, 2004

yo yo yo..

hello guys and galss.. wassup in the world of being bored and stressed..
guess what, this morning when i was on the bus, i kinda dozed off a couple of times and i hit my head on the side of the bus.. i got a big ba loo koo on my head.. damn painful can..
alexis is gonna be the top human geog student again.. woo hoo!!!!!! way to go girl.. you made our class damn proud..

er... actually, the human geog results are not out yet... hehe.. make things more exciting mah... yo alexis, its a joke k, don't whack me or something ok.. haha... anyways, todays weather was super cold man.. freezing my A#S off.. think i'm about to get a cold man.. haha...

Happy News... i got POCKET FIGHTERS on my com and i completed it.. now i can train, Fab, Rob, Jun and Jerry, you guys are in for a SURprise.. haha.. ah well, today play with fab pocket fighter and he kept losing...
mainly cause he use a different side of the keyboard.. sorry lah brudder, next time let you use my side lah.. hope this does not affect our INTIMAte friendship.. hehe :) i veri pai seh now... hohoho...

Peace out and LOng Live Slyvester, a.k.a the singapore idol chiao Ah beng :p


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