Saturday, November 20, 2004


thanks for all the words of encouragement..
ah xian, thanks..
ah jun, thanks, hope those people queing up for our Zen set got drenched in the rain this morning.. haha..
j, thanks dude, can always count on you dawg..
zq, thanks babe. all the best for your last few papers.. can do it one..
faith, thanks.. i got faith in you :)

i'm no longer angry cos it suddenly became clear that the only person hurting is myself. and that's really dumb. i agree with all who said that my fren wanted the best for me.. i guesss you're all right. i think i got really ticked off cos the end is soo near and the pressure just got to me..
hopefully i'll learn to control it..

check this out. just this morning during an NBA game, Detriot Pistons and Indiana Pacers got into a fight and the whole stadium just erupted... man, that was insane.. i think it'll be in the new, so go check it out. fortunately, noone was hurt real badly...


Blogger Jun said...

oh man the bust up was real crap man... now indiana will suffer a major setback with 3 players suspended for the rest of the season... i think the 4 players involve can consider a career in boxing or wrestling instead... haha~

November 22, 2004 at 4:33 PM  

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