Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Prom night

hey guys, what's happening.. guess that those who went for prom are pretty exhausted.. i am..
congrats to lynette and russel, erm is that how you spell it??
oh man, prom was alright, i thought the food was not bad.. the baby octopus was my fav.. haha..
i had a great time hanging out with my class, and MY goodness, everyone was soo well dressed..
just to name a few, alexis, zq, ailin and wing.. oh my, they were really dressed to kill.. you girls were H O T.. haha, needless to say, my bruddders were all dressed in killa style..
jerry had the GQ look, fabian had the HK pop star look and Robbin was casually dressed.. WITH style.. haha... in my eyes, these 3 should have been PRom kings, with jerry leading the way.. haha, but russel did deserve it, no doubts abt it..
after prom, zq, jerry, me, alex, ailin and wing made our way to the club.. some Coco something club.. haha, its was pack man, cannot squeeze onto the dance floor.. so sian man, and they were playing damn nice HIP HOP music, i couldn't stop moving.. haha...
but finally, a whole group of us went up to the dance floor and squeezed our through.. and man was i pissed with some guys who mercilessly push girls out of the way to get to the middle of the dance floor.. come on lah you Dickheads, a little gentlemanlyness never hurt anyone..
i kinda pushed back some guys who tried crushing poor alex and zq.. haha, man did it feel good..
the music was WICked.. haha.. some of the nj girls can really dance.. the 3 prom queens for instance caught alot of people's attention( including mine, hahaha....).
man, can they shake.. haha...
at 3am, everything ended and we all took a slow but painful stroll back to the hotel..
it was nice.. hope you all had a memorable graduation, i know i did.

special holla to Sharon and Faith, i thought they look exceptionally good, especially kan chiong mama, cannot recognise her loh.. i was thinking, is that sharon??? cannot be.. haha.. its a good thing.. and FAith, oooh, someone got approached.. haha, goes to show you looked exceptionally well that night..
take care to all and have a early Merry X'mas :)


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