Thursday, February 10, 2005


hello guys, guess who's back, back again..
its me.. haha, anyways, i haven't had time to update cos i spent 2 weeks in camp.. haha, i just finished my field camp than booked out just a couple of days ago.
field camp was alright with bugs biting me and the POWDER bathe.. haha..
i could not even imagine how smelly i was after just 1 week out in the field.
but man did i stink.. haha... even my mum couldn't take the smell of my clothes.. she almost fainted.. haha..

this is also to a shout out to all my buddies out there.. err... somewhere, wherever you all might be..
to my new army friends, one of the funniest and slackest batch of guys i have ever met.. haha, happy lunar new year to you all..
to A01 haha, happy new year guys, fab mr leopard company and jun mr grifen company, haha..
rob and jerry, enjoy your break man cos army is not something i WOuld Recommend..haha..
quan, eileen, chris, xuan and bee, see ya guys real soon...
in many ways this year's chinese new year is different for me. i want to see my family, army really does put alot of things in perspective like what's really impt in your life.
familty and friends... and sleep :)

to ms wendy, happy 21st birthday.. and a happy lunar new year..
take care..

peace out guys..


Blogger Jun said...

u slacker scorpian company... damn welfare rite... haha~ aniway gonna pop soon man... damn i go in earlier but pop later than u... this sux... haha~

February 19, 2005 at 4:58 AM  

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