Friday, March 11, 2005

really really late entry

been really busy lately, i just had my POP.
quite happy yet sad at the same time. happy cos i'll have a i and a half week break, sad cos i won't be able to seee my bunk mates. i really made some really good frens there.
this goes out to you guys, peace dudes..

strange thing is that the moment i POP, i could only think of one person. how much i wished the person could be there to share that happy moment with me.

i talked to a fren a week or so ago and i think i offended my fren. i really didn't mean to offend, i guess i didn't put it the right way.
i didn't know what to say, but i was really glad she liked the present i gave to her for her birthday. have you ever felt the sweet taste of satisfaction give something to a person and they like it, i felt on top of the world then.

i gotta work on my communicative skills, lately i've been the target for communication problem jokes.. haha, guess i can't communicate well..

take care one and all :)


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