Thursday, December 22, 2005

Long lost update..

haven't been in the mood to write in my blog so a thousand apologies to those who have been irritated by the same post for a long time..
haha.. but i'm back and insane as ever..
nothing much has happened in my monotonous life except for certain complications at work.
anyways, i recently met up with peng, oli, shan and mr superman ah xian..
haha, made me eat like tons of food. but it was GOOD :) i love chicken rice.. haha.. thanks guys.
i also met up with my fav people, my group.
xuan, leen, quan, chris and the lovely ms bee who happens to be really happy right now becos she has a hubby. really nice chap who i'm guessing will be part of our group.
if not, i'll try to suck him in. haha...
to those who like me have nil plans and most probably staying home on chrismas and new year's eve. lets pray together for a x'mas miracle :)

take care and merry x'mas to all.
happy holidays.
leen, quan, xuan, ah xian, peng, chris, bee, oli, alexis, chiamlek, steven, jeremy heng, ze quan, shan, sotong, valerie :),jerry, fab, boon leong, jordan, junasis, samuel (8 men bunk). JAY too... haha, thought i forgot abt you huh, no way :)
you've made my year!!

P.S: mr heng, thanks bud for everything, army would have sucked without you, lets look to a brighter and happier future :)


Blogger zq said...

yay! I got special mention! (how come no smiley face behind my name?) heehee. merry xmas to you too dude..

December 23, 2005 at 6:01 PM  

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