Saturday, May 28, 2005


Wassup my homies..
i had a pretty fufilling week, caught star wars 3, kingdom of heaven, madagascar.
trust me, these shows rock..
haha, so here's my verdict, go catch them all.
on the not so good side, i've got a 7 day field camp next week and i'm not really forward to it. but sometimes we have to do things that we don't like in order to appreciate the little things we take for granted.
it seems like yesterday that i was hanging out with wdy and catching movies like theres no tmr.
fortunately, i've got friends who still wanna catch movie with an army botak boy. haha..
i didn't know the value of friends till everything that mattered in my life was gone.
wdy, my free time, time with family and watching my dvds...
ya, life's a bitch so you gotta bite it right back. i guess we all can't live life lying down.
we hav to take control of it.
i met some frens who say " you dun look like you've gone through army"
i find that funny cos deep inside, i feel somewhat changed. though i may not admit it,
i know it happened.
enough of me me me me AND me!!! haha..
hmm, too bad, i wanna say more about myself. haha...
anyways, we all have been confused in our lives. u think u like someone but u just can't be sure but that someone is being persued by someone else. u dunno why its such, but u feel wierd about the whole thing..
man, that is screwed man dawg..
anyways, take care guys :)

Qoute of the Day: "Dun give up on me, cause i haven't given up on you."


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