Friday, September 29, 2006


i've been wondering whether i'm doing the right thing..
i feel that perhaps i've made a mistake for being nice..
was playing ball yesterday and talked to my frens..
" Fuck la daniel, you're a pussy man!"
" what?? i'm not lo.."
" you rather be hurt than hurt! thats what i'm saying! You pussy!"
" haha, fuck that, i'll kick your ass in ball right now!"
" No way man!!!!!"
Am i really that soft?
i feel something coming..
a storm is brewing and i dunno whether i'll be able to take it all in this time around..
its different when you're angry with the army who screwed you over and when your life seems to go astray..
Why can't i have a life with no drama?
i stand alone and i will be the last man standing.
Some are born with everything going for them.
some are born with the need to survive.

As the good reverend once said:
Why we all are put together,
we will never know,
but i do know here today,
that the blacks knights will emerge victorious once again.



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