Saturday, March 19, 2005


oh man, shutter utterly rocks man.. haha..
here i am, your movie reviewer, resurrected from the depths of army life.. muahahaha..
and just when you thought that army will stop me from catching movies, piss off, i'm back biatch.
firstly, just caught shutter yesterday at christie's church thing. wau lau, i was creeped out. but it was fun.. quan, xuan,bee, you missed out.. haha..
where did the producers find such a creepy looking lady from thailand???
haha, anyways, the movie was definitely an above average horror movie and deserves a thumbs up.
ok, moving on to the more recent movies, caught series of unfortunate events, hitch and Robots.
series of unfortunate events was good. i liked the magical surrounding and jim carrey so rocks....
haha.. hitch is funny, with will smith totally stealing the show. lastly, robots was AWESOME...
the visual effects are out of this world. though the story line was somewhat simple, but the attempts of making the movie more action pack did not go to waste. the catch scenes and the fighting scenes were well done.
overall, i have yet to watch a crappy show.. hmm, hopefully it never happens. oh yah, one more movie, i mean 2 more movies..
1) closer
the show was fantastic. not becos of its storyline but simply because of the fantastic acting. clive owens and natalie portman really shine.
2)howl's moving castle
wau lau, this so super niceeee... haha.. one word, enjoyable.

well, thats all the scope i got for u guys. going back into camp tmr. so see ya guys around.

ps: all the best for the talent quest quan, we'll be there 2 cheer you on :)


Blogger J said...

Look Out for "Be Cool" when it hits SG, its the funninest movie I've seen in a long..... time.

March 19, 2005 at 9:01 PM  

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