Saturday, October 07, 2006

Whooo, Saturday night Live Baby...

here we go..
the lights deem and out comes... A fat dude???
"ladies and gentlemen, pls put your hands together for the one and onlyRussel Peters!!!!"
the crowd goes wild.. standing ovations.. AHHHH!!!! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!

the evening was simply hilarious!!!
he nailed joke after joke about how cheap indians were, how the english can't pronounce their Ts... the difference between mandarin and cantanese..
It was Good.
It was Funny.
And man, did he rock the house...
i'm glad my date also enjoyed the show, hope it relieved abit of her stress cos with her exams coming up, she's feeling the pressure.. cheer up babe.. it'll be over soon..
got home late... waited for the stupid bus for a pretty long time..
but here's the messed up part,
i saw this kid. no older than 12, smoking away..
My gosh!!! i wanted to slap him and put the cig out..
but to make matters worst, there were other minors puffing away..
and noone seems to find it disturbing.
i wish parents can better educate their young ones...
and if they grow up and still persist on wanting to smoke, by all means, smoke on.. its your life.
but below that age where you still live with your parents and spend their money..
for heavens sake, dun do stupid shit...
feel weak and sick recently, not sure why.. think i might be down with something..
might be the weather.. hope the sky clears soon. its making me feel down..
i think i'm kinda like superman, i need constant exposure to the sun. its my source of energy..


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