Sunday, March 27, 2005

loving someone who loves someone else

"in many ways we have loved people who have loved others but ourself
it hurts not because we are not loved by them but simply because we want them to be happy even if it means they are with someone else
i guess that's life for you
once someone loved me but i was in love with someone else
even though that was so i still gave myself a chance to know the other party
in the end i fell in love
but alas, the other person's heart is no longer there.
he loves someone else"

dun be dishearten, we all loved and lost. its simply a matter of picking up the broken pieces
and mending a broken heart

yo leen, all the best for your presentation and in your new Adventures in uni.
its not gonna be easy but it will definitely be interesting. take care and good luck :)
oh man, went out with moi pal, ah quan. had lunch and were just chatting. you r really strong man, really admire that in you. hope you're singing career kicks off than you'll be able to treat us all. haha...
xuan, know you're really busy with uni stuff so i dun expect u to have time to read my entry. anyways, hope you'll do fine. just remember to not let your ambition get the better of u. you'll just sink deeper into it. but, i have faith in you, i know you'll pull through any obstacles and emerge victorious. after all, you are THE BIG ONE :)

had a good break this week, long weekend and all. surprisingly, i stayed home most of the time. though it was really sian, it feels nice. went to my grandparents place a few days ago, i felt a sense of nostalgia. i felt safe. haha.. of course, been living there all my life. haha...
i saw wendy the other day, just for awhile but it was worth it. she looked beautiful :)
fab, if you're reading this, i know you're hurting inside, just know that there r others who feel the same way. u are not alone, u got your brudders like ME. haha... mr all brawn, no brains. haha..
in many ways, we in the army view the world alot differently than others. we see the world moving alot slower than wht others see. good and bad in their individual aspects.

take care guys & see ya soon :)
peace out.. A-town...


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