Sunday, April 03, 2005

i got sooo smashed

hey hey hey..
check this out, i partied at MS last nite. derwin invited me to this party.
the night started off pretty boring but as the night wore on, it was happening. haha...
my brudders, alex and ms sun yanzi were there. btw, it was alex's birthday.
happy birthday to u :)
wanted to drown my worries in alcohol but i couldn't quite do it. dun get me wrong, i tried really hard to drink as much as humanly possible. but i couldn't quite black out. hai...
this has to be the happiest day of my week. i had fun :)

this is a shoutout....
yo brudder jerry, go for the kill man, ya know wht i mean ya.. haha..
brudder fab, i know u were abit troubled last night, but i couldn't have taken care of alex and ms sun and myself. glad u were there brudder...

life is kinda funny in many ways, right now, life is like soo confined cos of army, u absolutely can't do anything u want. your passions and your hobbies have all been put on hold. there r really so many things i wanna do but i just dun have the time to do it. i waste time and sit around waiting for some guy to give an instruction. to make matters worse, i was home for less than 24 hours. i guess i have to suck it up for another week. had a pretty heated conversation with wdy last week. guess sometimes its better to keep things that matter the most to u inside. but i hope things r alright with us. hope we'll still talk as friends.

i'm really tired now, hope i get through another week in camp. take care guys :)


Blogger amy said...

HEY HEY! ur mama here! hahaha ehs not ur real mother lahs arduhhh...minyan here lah! i was looking at sharon's blog n i had a feeling that DANIEL under the "links" section is you. God brot me all the way here! heehee. hey dude so hows ur army life gng on? im sure u're having a pretty gd time yeah? haha tho no pretty gurls to seeee....hahaha hey u take care k! -minyan-

April 9, 2005 at 5:09 AM  

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