Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Monday Night

well, ladies and gents..
my weekend was pretty, erm, eventful i should say..
and if you're thinking i'm gonna disclose it on my blog..
no way! too personal la...
moving on, i had a really nice chats with some of my close frens..
thanks so much for toleranting my sobbing state.
talked to alexis till late, like 4 plus.. shit, haven't talked like that in a while..
exchanging lame ass jokes.. it was relieving.
anyways, we decided to meet up with a couple of friends to have a drink.
trust me, i needed a drink sooo bad..
we met at holland V in the evening for dinner and drinks at Wala Wala..
jerry, alexis, Zeeq and even mr fabian joined us just b4 happy hour ended..
and boy did we drink.. i think i spend like 100bucks on drinks last night..
now i'm broke.. broke ass nigga.. hahaha..
i was so happy to know that these guys, amidst their busy schedule, they still came down..
i am super touch lo.. thks guys...
i drank, i drank, i drank, i drank and i drank somemore till i couldn't even walk straight..
check this out.. me and jerry tried some Jackass stunt, we decided to test extinguishing a cig using the palm of our hand..
"AH!!!!!!! fuck, that hurt like shit!!!!" hahaha, i laughed my ass off when jerry did it.
My turn, i stuck the cig into my palm and put it out. yea, it did hurt but it was nothing like the pain i was feeling inside. nothing hurts more than a broken heart..
in the end, my brudder fabian took me home..
respect la bro..
overall, i had a good time..
i dun hate her. i have never had any ill thoughts about what she did.. for once in my life, i felt no hate, no anger, no regrets.. friends tell me that its her lost. but i think its my lost... she deserves so much more than me. she deserves the world and all the wonderful things that life has to offer.
i guess life is like that, you have to treasure the things you have, cos you dunno when it'll be gone. be grateful of the moments that took your breath away and the memories that made you smile. She made me smile and that is all i can ask for. i can't ask for more..
we should not ask more from life but embrace the gifts it bestows on us. cos we are but mere mortals that live in a world filled with miracles that are bigger than all of us..
i wish you the best in your endeavours .
and to my friends who were there for a friend in need. THANK YOU :)


Blogger Caramel said...


ure always someone special in my life. always will be =)

October 15, 2006 at 9:43 AM  

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