Thursday, December 07, 2006


its finally over but why do i still feel so down.
i went to watch happy feet but all i could do was feel sad
when i saw the lead penguin give up on his love interest.
all i could say was, its for the best... i wanted to mean it but i was just trying to comfort myself.
letting go was the hardest thing to do.. seeing someone u care about walk away, i couldn't bare the thought of it. i had to look away when she got into the cab.
i didn't wanna have the agony of seeing her go.
i'm glad that i met you and i couldn't imagine not having u in my life.
my fren told me something that made alot of sense and in a way, i liked the way it was phrased.
when someone leaves a gap in your heart, someone else cannot simply fill it because its an unique gap that only that one person can leave. noone can ever replace it.
i'm leaving for europe tmr.
not really looking forward to it but i guess its a good thing.
cos i need to get away from all of this.
i need a break.


Blogger zq said...

Hey! have a good trip yeah.. your 2 fav girls will always be here for you yah, cheer up:) bon voyage

December 9, 2006 at 2:03 AM  

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