Sunday, February 04, 2007


kinda feeling half sad and angry..
how did that happen?? Explanation anyone?
ah well....
no matter how much i try to distant myself, i just care too much..
have you ever cared for someone that no matter what happens. you just wan them to be happy and you would give anything to give them just that..
well, advice to those out there who are having problems..
life hits you hard..
sometimes, life hits you till you can't breathe and you wanna take the easy way out..
well, it doesn't matter how hard it hits us, its how much we can take and keep moving forward.

i dunno abt u guys but moving forward is harder for me than just taking hit after hit.
BE Strong and never quit!
no matter what your life is throwing at you, just take it and keep moving cos we're all
stronger than what we think we are..

Inspiration speeches are sometimes necessary cos afterall, we need encouragements every now and than.......

Take care 1 and all :)


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