Monday, January 01, 2007


alright, so 2006 is is out of the window and into the past. along with army and heartaches. haha..
i guess its a good start for those who exited army just before the new year.
so to start off the new year, here are some of the things that made in onto my top 3 lists of 2006.
Movies: 1) Talledega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby (kickass show man!!!)
2)Singapore Dreaming (caught it on the plane, super heart warming)
3) Casino Royale ( James Bond as the bad ASS!!! Fu#King Aye!!!!!!)

Songs 1) Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance ( its not released yet but its part of their album. wicked sick song!!)
2) Fix You by ColdPlay (one of the best songs by coldplay Ever....)
3) These streets by Paolo Nutini( these guys pretty big in europe, think they'll be big here.. watch out for them!!)

Favourite Qoutes: 1) ORD LO!!!!!
2) ORD LO!!!!!
3) ORD LO!!!!! ( haha, its the best day of my 2 sucky years in army!!!)

Places that i went in 2006: 1) Liquid Rm ( love the music, freaking awesome, Dj Koflow rocks!) 2) Zouk ( Mambo, need i say more...)
3) S11 Amk ( Chicken Cutlet absolutely mind blowing!!!)

People who i hung out: 1) my FAv girls Alexis and Zeeq and Mr Vain Jerry Ho... though he's missing sometimes.. haha...
2) Ting Ting ( A.k.a: Sotong!!)
3) I, Myself and Me...

well, hopefully its the start of a better year cos 2006 really sucked, on most days...
i feel good about this year already. 2007 is gonna be off the hook..
Many things happened this year, alot of drama, abit too much for my liking if you ask me.
but i kinda realised who will stand by me whenever i'm feeling in the pits. too many occasions that i have to say: "dude, lets go get something to drink, i need to drink!" haha... fortunately, i ain't a alcoholic..
i've also realised that if we try to hold on to something too hard and too long, we will lose it eventually. rather than try to restrain it, let it breathe and it will be yours if you're meant to have it. Eg: I used to love my old PS console, i got it when i was pri 6. i would play with it 24/7 and not wanting to give it time to rest. keot on messing with it. finally it just broke down. well, not entire the same thing but you catch my drift huh.. haha...

to those who had 2006 fucked them over, Cheers Matess!
Here's to a better year :)


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cheers! :)

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