Sunday, October 23, 2005


went to catch flight plan.
pretty good show and the twist was normal in some ways but not a bad movie.
gonna be flying off to thailand next week. for 2 weeks.
the last exercise before i find out whether i can commission.
ah well, i can't fight it so i guess i just gotta flow with it.
Watched the movie with her, everything just felt right for those couple of hours.
anyways, going out to ah shyuan, dun worry girl, i'm fine.
thanks.. gonna be really busy and i won't in town.
tk care of yourself and study hard.
its all up to you. we choose who we wanna be and noone can change that. you can do it shyuan.
to leen, chris and bee too. all the best for your exams.
to quan, sing to victory.
wdy, Study hard and all the best.

Friday, October 14, 2005


i've been pretty beat up these few months.
with me getting into all sorts of trouble.
quite funny if you think about it.
but seems like i may not commission after all.
this year hasn't been the best of years for me.
had lotsa blessings coming back to me but alas i still feel lost.
couldn't concentrate. smoking, drinking, partying.
being irresponsible. haha...
kinda like the slacker i wanted to be. i sacrificed everything, from the girl i
was crazy about to my principles. i haven't had the best of attitudes.
but SOCE has made a difference and drilled me to excel and be the best i can be.

... kinda realised that my blog's been really dull and sad. no movie reviews and stupid stuff happening. i guess that was really how i felt in the past few months. dull and empty, perhaps SOCE was really the place for me. to toughen me up. haha.. cos some actually said i quite koo niang. haha..

Btw, happy birthday Christie :)