Tuesday, January 24, 2006


wau lau ah...
i'm so so dying. throat is killing me, its been 3 months but the sore throat is still there...
was at work, than had a friend tell me i looked pale. haha..
i look pale??? cannot be la, got so much fats in my face, sure got blood in my face lo.

Friday, January 13, 2006

what do ya think??


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The Humpty Dumpty Love Song

All of the king's horses
And all of the kings men
Couldn't put my heart back together again
All of the physicians and mathematicians too
Failed to stop my heart from breaking in two

Cos all I need is you
I just need you
Yeah, you got the glue
So I'm going to give my heart to you
I had a premonition
A movie in my mind
Confirming my suspicions about what I would fineYou followed me to LA, down to Mexico
Came in through the back door
At the start of the show

Oh was a perfect
OH in a perfect way
You know, something had to go
You left me high,
you left me low
Now as I lie in pieces, await for your return
The sun upon my forehead
It burns, baby, burns, baby, burns
An eye on all my horses
You slept with all my men
I'm never going to get it together again

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Strange stuff on the news

just came across some wierd stuff on the news,
ladies use blogs to say that they were molested
along orchard road when they were blinded by foam sprays.
that is simply so twisted.
i was there during x'mas. i could have been one of them.
haha.. seriously, what were those guys thinking.
we begin to wonder where has the pride of the male species gone to?
are we slowly become enslaved by our own emotions rather than morals?
it's cool to be a rebel, to defy laws and behave like we are above it.
do we do it to impress? to gain attention and prove to others that we are different?
do something to impress yourself. do something that you can be proud of.
something that frens and family can be proud of.
perhaps one day, it'll be cool to do what's right and to be true to our heart.

P.S: take care in thailand brudder jun :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

running away

i've realised that why people run away.
some run away to win.
some run away to avoid problems.
why do i run away?? i'm not sure about that but there's one thing that i'm certain,
time waits for noone. do i wanna occupy myself with activities and appointments?
Hell NO.... why? cos i dun wanna spend all that time, tire myself out and at the end of the day, i'm too tired to even think about the things i've done.
small details will slip by. perhaps its better not to know such little details cos than we'll regret it.
than again, the time given to us is fixed and limited. we have to decide what to do with it.
that sometimes come with a price.
on the other hand, we can choose to do nothing and watch the world go by.
after that happens, i wonder to myself, what do i have to show for??
now comes to the question of IS it important to have something to show for or
it is what we believe in our hearts that is more meaningful and more fulfilling.

i dunno what to think of the world now. things were alot simpler when i was younger.
why can't things be that simple? do we make things that complicated?
Ambition isn't wrong. but i guess everything is right or wrong in perspective.
i wonder, what then is, truely right?