Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thailand Once More

its been almost 6 months since i went to thailand for an exercise,
i can't believe its been that long since someone ended my journey to become something i worked so hard for. i was cut because he had something against me.
well, boo hoo muthafucker cos i dun give a shit!
you may put me down and you may cause me pain, but i'll tell you something,
my life has more than what you'll ever have in twice of your miserable lives put together.
and thats not saying very much of your smal pathetic life.
you think that with abit of power you have, you can try to ruin someone else's life?
no way, cos we'll just bounce right back and you'll be sorry and despised by all those around you.
this time around i'll be going up there to do specs proud!
take care one and all.
Bon voyage...........................................

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

everyone's changing

just went for leen's birthday party. it was alright but somewhere along the line, our dear birthday girl didn't feel all that good.
was quite pissed, its her birthday, why can't everyone just be plain happy for her.
whoever that was insensitive about her feelings, fuck off!
hmm, recently, seems that people ignore my messages.
i dunno, perhaps its just their subtle way to say PISS OFF.
thanks for the kind gestures.
but honestly, take a hike u SOBs.
and steve another one, ask him to wait to go home, say he'll wait at the busstop, the dude just took a bus without telling me. i almost miss the bus cos of u!
your time so precious ah? news flash! i'm a trainee now and can only bk out on weekends and my pay is like crap. who's time is more limited?
dun give me shit cos one day, shit's gonna rain down on you.
and when that happens, pray that you've got an umbrella!!!