Sunday, June 26, 2005


hello one and all,
havn'et really stayed home since.. hmmm... i dunno when le, haha. but i finally stayed home today and just slack..
kinda tired now but not because i did anything, i didn't slepp.. ahhh... i really have to sleep before my trip to brunei.
so just in case u all can't find me, i'm in a jungle slogging away..
well, nothing much happening in my life, had steam boat at wei quan's house, his mother is super nice, brought breakfast for me and my friends, wei quan's mum rocks. so does my mum :)
lets see, batman begins is awesome.. oh man, i feel like watching it again. hopefully i'll get the dvd when it comes out.
movies i can't wait to be released, F4.. whoo hooo and war of the worlds. fantastic..
oh, and this is kinda late, thanks hilda for being my date, u looked amazing that night :)

well guys, wish me luck, i'm flying away..............................................

Saturday, June 11, 2005


nothing much to update..
i'm back from field camp. it was alright.
kinda feel empty right now. like life right now is nothing more than booking in and booking out.
life used to have so much more meaning.
gotta book in around 2 hours from now.
hope all of u have a better time..
take care guys :)