Monday, February 26, 2007


its another day in the office with nuthing much to do. haha.. and to make matters worse, yours truely is broke!! Damn!!
anyways, i watched the last episode of the OC and i just can't help feeling sad that its over..
During army, i would look forward to watching The OC.
i guess its time to move on..
i don't get it, are the ratings for the show really that bad?? So bad that they had to cancel it? Argh!!! Bullocks...
well, nothing much to update but i guess i could use this post to dedicate to a fren who's overseas and freezing her butt off..
haha.. YO XUAN!!!! if u read this, hope your doing alright there and gettin some hot ANG MO action!! hahaha...
on the other hand, i've got a couple of races lined up... mostly Dragon boat.. but someone's gonna make a comeback. So watch out! there's a hurricane coming through!!! Whoooo...
can't wait for next week cos the movie 300 is gonna be released and i intend to watch it on opening day with my gd fren Sotong... haha.. something to look forward to..
" Spartans! Tonight, we dine in HELL!!!!" how awesome is that.... WHOA!!!!!!!!!
The departed won Best Picture at the Oscars?? hmm, the angmo infernal affairs is that good meh?? gotta go catch it on dvd.....
and if you guys have time, go check out Reese Witherspoon at oscars.. she looked absolutely stunning....... DAMN.........

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Man... i'm writing a post in the office cos i'm sooo lethargic rite now..
lets see.. to my left is the door leading to the stairs which by the way is super creepy...
to my right is the entrance to the main office area where the perm staff work..
behind me is my colleague who injured her knee, girl, u gotta take care of yourself!!
and to my front is the wall..
yes ladies and gents, i'm sitting facing the wall.. feels like i'm being punished in sec sch.. hey!
but i'm getting punished while being paid..haha, why can't schs do the same??
well, my day on the job is relatively mandane..
come into the office, sit on my ass and key in measurements into the system...
life's a breeze... hai....
maybe its the weather but i've been feeling rather down lately..
think i need more sun!!! while superman draws his powers from the sun, the sun makes make feel happier.. haha..
come out sunshine!! its time to BBQ my ass.. haha...
its Thursday.. weekend's round the corner, time for me to kick back and wake up later for a change.. this somewhat feels strangely like school days..
but i'm not complaining.. cos i get paid!! hahahahahahaha :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007


kinda feeling half sad and angry..
how did that happen?? Explanation anyone?
ah well....
no matter how much i try to distant myself, i just care too much..
have you ever cared for someone that no matter what happens. you just wan them to be happy and you would give anything to give them just that..
well, advice to those out there who are having problems..
life hits you hard..
sometimes, life hits you till you can't breathe and you wanna take the easy way out..
well, it doesn't matter how hard it hits us, its how much we can take and keep moving forward.

i dunno abt u guys but moving forward is harder for me than just taking hit after hit.
BE Strong and never quit!
no matter what your life is throwing at you, just take it and keep moving cos we're all
stronger than what we think we are..

Inspiration speeches are sometimes necessary cos afterall, we need encouragements every now and than.......

Take care 1 and all :)