Friday, November 26, 2004

check this out...

There is no option for potential unachieved.
prodigies have it worse.
hype is not a dream that comes true.
haters always linger. praying for the downfall. the temptation suffocatesthe mind, the body, the soul, the spirit.
the weak succumb, but the strong go beyond survival. until self doubt rears its unwelcomed head. forcing even the greatest, most confident individuals into internal interrogation.
complacency grows.
the awards and rewards begin to feed the ego, taking away the hunger. the hunger that once fed not just the talent, but kept the work ethic, the hustle, the pride, the need to become the best from malnourished.

Never give in...
Leborn 2...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A's Are Over

alright.. don't need to tell y'all why i'm happy.. haha
its the second time that i got this feeling..
honestly, it feel reallly good..
haha, anyway.. hola...
thanks A01 for making doing the damn A's soo fun..
don't think i had soo much fun in school ever..
damn, if only all the classes in nj were like A01, it'll be the most happening sch in town...
yo jerry brudder, you are good man, you seem to attract all sorts of girls, from those who are attached to those the size of the universe.. you ARE GOOD.. haha...
yo jun, prepare yourself, i'm gonna invade your home for PS 2 marathon.. haha..

btw, i just went for a run this morning.. wau lau, i almost died can..
haha, i was so tired while running back home, i almost hit the lamp post..
i even scared the shit out of an old lady at the bus stop.. haha... she thought i was gonna fall on her..
don't worry aunty, i'll sure as hell try to not fall on you.. haha :)

cheers guys and have fun.. a special hola to my funny fren gaybian and hardworkin Robby..

Saturday, November 20, 2004


thanks for all the words of encouragement..
ah xian, thanks..
ah jun, thanks, hope those people queing up for our Zen set got drenched in the rain this morning.. haha..
j, thanks dude, can always count on you dawg..
zq, thanks babe. all the best for your last few papers.. can do it one..
faith, thanks.. i got faith in you :)

i'm no longer angry cos it suddenly became clear that the only person hurting is myself. and that's really dumb. i agree with all who said that my fren wanted the best for me.. i guesss you're all right. i think i got really ticked off cos the end is soo near and the pressure just got to me..
hopefully i'll learn to control it..

check this out. just this morning during an NBA game, Detriot Pistons and Indiana Pacers got into a fight and the whole stadium just erupted... man, that was insane.. i think it'll be in the new, so go check it out. fortunately, noone was hurt real badly...

Friday, November 19, 2004


i'm soo pissed now.
cause my friend told me stuff that i was really pissed..
firstly, i told him abt how excited i was about after a levels..
and what the fuck did he say, you better study harder..
What??? you think i dunno that i need to study meh??
and say that i'm complacent.. Fuck.. i look complacent meh..
i was soo pissed.. giving me shit for nothing..
later on, he was nicer to me.. telling me about his church stufff..
fuck, do i look interested??? you give me shit then expect me to listen
to you?? i don' think so..
No, there's no double meaning in my its over. its just its over FOR MY exams...
i'm super ticked off and hope i'll get over it..
my mum also ticked me off by encouraging my friend...
you're my mother for crying out loud..
shouldn't you be on my side.. i'm really disappointed.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


just took a test to see how much i knew about my ex..
guess what, i didn't know a single thing other than the most obvious things.
i'm really pathetic. who doesn't know stuff abt their gf..
feel damn stupid.
i guess sometimes the smallest things matter the most.
like i just remembered my pri school walkway that i used to walk everyday to get into the school.
its a little path that led from the bus stop to the front gate. i just realised how much i miss the sound of the crickets and the frogs living near the foot path. dunno whether its still there. whatever it is. i'll definitely visit it one day.
till then, i hope i'll treasure the tiny things that we take for granted.

peace out.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Its Over....

just had econs paper 3 today.
think i totally screwed up paper again.
thats it. i dunno what i'll do if i don't make it.
thanks jing xuan, alexis for the encouragement.
i'll try my best for the other papers.
dunno what i'll do.
really dunno what to do.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

a Shout out...

yo ms tan jing xuan.. finally know that i exist.. thanks for the "drop by and say hi" note..
i feel soo wanted.. haha... take care girl and we will all meet up one day..

nothing much to say.. been a pretty boring day as it is.. but man, was the weather hot like crap...
anyways, i'm damn pissed now.. feel that i shouldn't care..
you know that sometimes we shouldn't care about anything at all and just sit back and look at the world. sometimes when we care too much about the things, we end up screwing things up..
eg: when you care too much about......
ai yah, mind BlocK.. cannot think lah.. anyways..
caring too much may hurt you more than when you didn't care tht much..
but, ironically, i feel that i should care more in other aspects of life..
anyways, i'm pretty incoherant right now..

regarding my previous blog... i don't care if you give fucking ban a chance.. hell, i don't give a rat's ass if you gave anyone else a chance.. haha, i don't care at all. feeling sinical at this moment.. CAuse i don't give a FUCK....

on a lighter and calmer note.. all the best for the papers.. last 2nd week.. ah.. haha..
so close... study hard people.
and i apologise for the foul language used. hope reading this, hope you're not offended..


Friday, November 12, 2004

Waitin' Basketball

oh man, my previous entry got mix reviews.. haha..
alex, you sure you're not gonna have kids??? we'll see, maybe you'll eventually have 6..
haha.. zq's and ah xian are rite..
i can't generalize and say all those old people sit on their asses.. i would't know
how hard they worked in the past. My bad...
yo philly, got study not.. all the best dude..

was watching basketball, detriot pistons vs denver nuggets.. oh man, one is being lead by Richard Hamilton and the other, hot stuff rookie Carmelo Antony.. oh man, they were awesome.. but the player i most admire is the 5 foot 5 point guard Earl boykins.. this guy is only 1.7 m.. and he's in the NBA.. oh man, he was really quick and even scored the final ball b4 the first quarter ended.. Amazing..

i take my hat off.. he's good.. really good..

i just heard from a fren who is being pursued by this guy called Ban.. i know its really none of my business but in my opinion, she should give this guy a chance.. why wait?? don't hesitate lah, go for it girl.. there are some things in life that we should wait and some that shouldn't. its tough waiting and noone should wait..
example: waiting for food.. you wait cause you expect good food.. the food will come cause you paid for it.. hence, we should wait..
2) waiting for the sky to drop.. Er.... terrible example, shalll we move along..
3) waiting for someone to call you. let's say this really hot guy or girl asked for your number.. so you wait for the call.. will they call??? the thing is, we're not sure.. there is no certainty in this matter. so why wait. if they call, good for them, if not, their lost.. too bad soo sad..

in the a level context, why wait or yearn for the exams to be over. it'll be over soon enough. so study and make use of the time you have now. don't waste it. if you do, when the time comes for you to embrace the sweet taste of freedom, you'll regret it. Will you then enjoy your holidays???

hope this is useful to y'all.

P.S: and to all those who said Shark tale is a dissapointment, well.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. but..............

you can all kiss my BIG White ()()...
in case you all wonderin wht is this ^.. its my butt...
enjoy :)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Growing Old

thanks for the comments guys.. my brudders, damn touched..
haha, Yo jun, don't worry abt it, work harder for the paper 2, think you cab
do it one.. R.. V forever man.. Gebla... haha..

anyways, i've been seeing old people lately. dunnno why
but i feel sympathy towards them and feel that we should appreciate
what we have now.. i feel sad to see all these old people still working and carrying heavy
loads for a living. noone should be doing that with noone to care for them.
especially when you're way past your prime.
have you all wondered what you'll be like when you become old and tired???
i couldn't bare the thought of it. its scary to think of it. but we can't escape it can we..
i guess we can only hope someone will be there to look out for us.
will they be our frens we have now?? unlikely. is it our present family?? i wonder....
i really hope people can extend a hand to those people.
on my way to school at 8 in the morning, i saw this elderly lady carrying 2 large
bags of recycled waste towards the back of some shophouses. i really admire the strength that they have to perservere on. i wouldn't be able to do it.

i was at bishan today with jerry, alex and zq studying. behind us, this 2 old ladies were sitted on the sofa doing nothing.. slacking away.. weird issit it, that some elderly fight to survive, while others just sit on their horizontally challenged asses. we should all learn from these admirable old people. by the way, have you all heard of this senior citizen award to outstanding Sn Citizens..
there were a couple of nominees, but you know what, why the hell you give recognition to those living comfortable and satisfying lives?? I SAY give it to those working 24 7. working their butts off for peanut pay. they deserve it.

i don't deserve the stuff i get.. but guess life is unfair in this sense.
people who deserve something don't get it, and vice versa.

hardest thing to do is to live and move ahead.
think abt it when you all are taking your A levels..
Best wishes.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Maths Paper

just ended maths p1 today..
it was more difficult than last year.. to think they actually reuse ques from
1999 and 2000 again.. there were some ques i had no idea what it was about.. haha...
oh well.... i'm gonna holla at some of my home boys...
yo jerry, no sweat dawg... study harder for the next paper, you can do it if you put your mind to it.. fabian, hope the paper was ok, all the best for the other papers ..
robbin, ya gotta get your game on. if you do that, hell, you'll be Unstoppable..
alexus, chill babe.. gotta take care of your health girl... take care alright..
jay, yo biatch.. counting down the days we'll hang out.. bet you're getting a woody just thinking abt it huh.. i'll be there dude, word is bond dawg..

peace out everyone, take care y'all..
P.S: yo ah peng thanks for the word of encouragement, appreciate it :)