Saturday, March 11, 2006

same SHIT, different day

how many mistakes have we made in our lives and how many cause everlasting torment to yourself over and over.
been stood up, been played, been hurt, have hurt, have played, have stood up.
doesn't this equate to being equal?
looks like it right. but alas its not so. why?
is there something perpetually wrong in our lifes.
does the equation called life unable to equate itself?
you tell me the answer.
screw it, if the world and all its inhabitants fuck up, than heck it.
what to do?
if you are a victim of your own misdoings, what do you do?
how do you go through it?
i wanna know what makes your heart beat.
i wanna know what lights up your day and what dulls it.
i wanna hold you high above the clouds and set you free from the burdens of the world.
i wanna know.
so many things i wanna know.
but truth is.......
i'll never know...................