Friday, September 29, 2006


i've been wondering whether i'm doing the right thing..
i feel that perhaps i've made a mistake for being nice..
was playing ball yesterday and talked to my frens..
" Fuck la daniel, you're a pussy man!"
" what?? i'm not lo.."
" you rather be hurt than hurt! thats what i'm saying! You pussy!"
" haha, fuck that, i'll kick your ass in ball right now!"
" No way man!!!!!"
Am i really that soft?
i feel something coming..
a storm is brewing and i dunno whether i'll be able to take it all in this time around..
its different when you're angry with the army who screwed you over and when your life seems to go astray..
Why can't i have a life with no drama?
i stand alone and i will be the last man standing.
Some are born with everything going for them.
some are born with the need to survive.

As the good reverend once said:
Why we all are put together,
we will never know,
but i do know here today,
that the blacks knights will emerge victorious once again.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bad day

i'm super disappointed..
you said you'll tell me when you're home..
i waited...
i feel really dumb right now..
i don't wanna hurt like this anymore..
please stop it cos i can't take it..
you let that guy take you there knowing that i woudn't like it..
worst thing is you didn't even tell me..
forget it..
forget all of it..

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Man, i am so so tired right now.. had like 10 hours of sleep but still felt so tired..
hence, i took a day off work again to stay home and chill..
feel really bad for not meeting up with jerry, alexis and zq last night..
sorry guys...
man, i've become quite an avid drama serial watcher..
been catching up on Prison Break.. super nice man..
i wanna be like Scofeld.. he's super smart..
thts what i call being super detailed in your planning..
anyways, caught The Devil Wears Prada this weekend..
not bad.. quite funny but the lady behind me was laughing like
a freaking monkey..
it was super annoying..
oh.. my homeboy is coming back this fri!!! super excited.. hahaa..
haven't seen him in ages...
anyways, had a clubbing session on wednesday. had fun but i'm quite broke now..
think i'll lay back from any late night activities for now till i ord.. haha.. than its party time again.. haha...

chill guys :)

Monday, September 18, 2006

alice in wonderland/ 50 days

alright.. here's my long lost post..
its currently a rainy and cooling afternoon on a monday..
and i just had an unhealthy meal of instant mee and peanut butter bread and milo for lunch..
my stomach is definitely not feeling gd.
but that aside.
went to catch Alexis's Play called Alice in wonderland where she played a bimbo...
WhoooHooo, alexis roxs man..
she was super duper funny.. Hilarious, i haven't laughed that hard in a long time. thx :)
and btw, she doesn't look all that bad in a D-cup. though it took abit of getting used to, but i
can imagine her as a D-cup service personnel working at the Singapore Tourism Board.
well, onto a more sensitive subject, the countdown has official began.. i have only 50 days before i ORD.
for those who dun know what it is, its a singaporean man's dream date.
he is official ready trained to protect his country and hereby released form his duties to pursue his dreams and ambitions.
it feels like yesterday that i entered army feeling empty and sad.
it wasn't the idea of going into army that sucked but the fact that someone didn't wish me gd luck..
well that was in the past and i'm really happy to have found someone special in my life.
for the first time in a long time i see how foolish and pathetic i was in the past.
grovelling at her feet to take me back. Ha...
those were the days.
karma has a weird way eh.. never do unto others what you dun want them to do to you..
or something like that. haha..
but i got my unfair share of torture and pain...
and i'm kinda grateful for it..
We grow stronger each time we face a Wall.. a Wall that refuses to move..
i'm begginning to accept the relationships of close frens around me..
Close frens have become gd frens, gd frens to frens... and so on..
but some close frens have become even better frens during this period..
life is strange and unpredictable.. i'm actually excited what the future holds for my family, frens and i..

Peace out S-town...
haha, haven't said that in a long time..
take care sweetie, zq, alexis, jerry, fab, quan, xuan, bee, leen, chris, ah xian, peng, ah wan, sotong, jeremy, chiams, kan chiong mama, steve................