Saturday, August 21, 2004

ms beat

dear ms beat.. of course you can link me.. haha..
this post is dedicated to all my fans.. thank you for supporting me..
i'll cook up somemore crap for all you eager listeners..
i'll like to thank my mum, my dad, my bro and ms ting for her undying love for geog..
i love geog..
to ms chan, thanks for telling the guys in class we always talk, i find your sweet, melodious voice "irreversible" just like the movie..

thank you all... peace out... S CLown...

Maths Mock test

oh man, todays mock test was terrible..
i only attempted the stats ques..
the rest i really cannot make it..
Er... how to do??? really dunno...
the graph also look like the work of a 3 year old kid..
super embaressin...
anyways next movie to look forward... RESIDENT EVIL 2.....
check this shit out....

Friday, August 20, 2004

Avp review

here's the lowdown on how the Alien Vs Predator flick went.. it was a wednesday night. i went to lido to catch the last screening of the day and realised that there were alot of people eager to watch the movie.. strange.. didn't the reviews say it sucked.. i guess these were hardcore fans. the lights deemed and the 20th century theme came on... AVP... alien vs predator...

Bang Bang... "whad the hell was that???" "ah..............."
"You Ugly SON OF A B............" "No.... Help ME!!!!!!!!"

these are some of the lines in the movie.. honestly, i was abit disappointed with the predators... kinda Wussy At the end.. but Overall, it was one hell of a ride... no shit, just straight to the action. Special effects were great...


Monday, August 16, 2004

daniel double u double u

i love u daniel double u double u

do u know i love u too?

now come on boys and girls dun be jealous

i know his hair is damn irresistable cos its so sexy the way it flops down his hair

*****PORN EXTRACT*****
daniel looked at me and slowly ran his smooth fingers across my virgin landscape. he breathed huskily and a spittle of saliva emerged as he could not control his raging hormones. steadily, inexorably, he removed the last piece of obstacle that lay in his path. he removed my hand that lay protectively across my precious possession.

he ate my sandwich.

ANYWAY i am a gay so dun be a faye and how now brown cow oh no yellow crow. i rhyme.


one more day...

the moment of truth is 24 hours away.. the biggest battle will begin
i just read the review for avp, critics said it was a flop. let us the viewers be the judge of that shall we.. enjoy, i'll be there to review it.. youu can find it here on gangsta delight... peace out.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

3 more days

all right fellas... the moment is drawing near.. the showdown of the century is about to begin.. who will win, the cocky predator or the disgusting aliens... place your bets cause its gonna be a close one...

Friday, August 13, 2004


twins effect.. not good. corny. but twins really hot. especially chung.. whoo...
catwoman. storyline sucks. but halle barry and sharon stone really hot..
verdict.. twins effect can wait for vcd.. catwoman? guys, go catch it if you like hot bods.. but i won't pay more than 6.50

Monday, August 09, 2004

10 days to go

10 days to the biggest battle since bush declared war on the middle east....

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Alien Vs Predator

The best alien encounter since E.T.............


i just watched the new riddick cartoon on dvd... it is whack man... i thought it was pretty cool and recommend people watching it.. i also caught 2 movies during the weekend.. the village and collateral.. both were a disappointment. seriously, you can skip the 2 movies.. other movies coming that look promising is catwoman, resident evil 2, AvP and perhaps batman begins..
and guys if you wanna know, i just saw the new blade 3 trinity trailer.. it is super cool man.. go check it out.. peace out... A town..

Blur King

i just got off the phone with alexus, my classmate.. i was just asking her how to upload a damn photo onto this blog but i couldn't understand her computer lingo man.. sheesh.. i'm soo computer illiterate.. haha.. listening to the lastest jay chou album with e girl on the cover.. i think its pretty good... not tooo many fast songs... bettter, cause i can't understand what he says.. hahaha, my chi nah cannnot make it one... fabian, my friend, your remixes of chinese songs are really AWEsome man... GO, mr fab..