Wednesday, March 14, 2007


"give them nothing, but take from them, EVERYTHING!!!"
fucking AYE.....
man, 300 is the best movie i've watched this year.. (so far)..
not to mention, there's some pretty heavy contenders coming up..
Spiderman 3, transformers, TMNT and even AVP 2: Survival of the Fittest is scheduled for release in the states on 10th Dec. And just in case you're all wondering: is this AVP gonna be another PG13 movie... HELL NO.. its gonna be R all the way.. YEAH!!!!!!
Blood and GOre and a hell lot of violence, thats what AVP is all about..
Resident evil: Extinction is coming out too, hills have eyes 2 and hostel 2.. seems that this year is the year for sequels. but hey, i ain't complaining.. Shit's cool man..
anyways, MR500's this weekend followed by master series next weekend, back to back rowing competitions... Damn, i'm feeling all tingly inside.. excited cos i'm aiming to smoke all those other suckers including the national team. Ha.. Watch it!!!!
well, see ya all on the flip side.. will try to watch more movies so i stuff to write abt.. hahaha..

Peace dawgs......